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Whats the best 32-40" tv for sound quality, for under $500 if possible ?

I am very sensitive to sound and have just bought a Samsung 39" LED TV which I am going to have to return because the tinnyness of the sound gives me a headache after a while.  I would like to know if there is a LCD LED TV which can be recommended for sound quality without having to add more equipment.  I know that, in the past, Panasonic were always good for sound and I know that these slim tvs are not famous for it but there must be some that are better even if the picture quality is compromised.  Thank you.
asked Oct 26, 2013 in TVs by Patricia

1 Answer

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To start with, the type of display doesn't affect the TV’s sound quality and if you want to purchase an LED LCD TV, it could be a good choice.

Even though the sound quality of a TV cannot be measured by the available spec list, you can judge it by the expert reviews. I have listed out a few best sound quality TVs to choose, having screen sizes under 40 inch and more than 32 inch - affordable under the $500 price range. And since bigger the screen always accounts for better viewing experience, consider opting out larger screen TVs.

1.Samsung UN32F5500

Samsung UN32F5500

Samsung UN32F5500 is a 32 inch flat panel for those who need streaming content and a bunch of productive apps. The TV’s expert reviews have a lot of praise for the user controls including TV menus, picture quality, design and software features for the price.

The Smart Hub feature on the TV can be a payoff thing for the price considering it offers a radically different and useful user interface which hosts services such as app store, multimedia access, web browser and other social media apps.

Coming to its sound, this LED LCD Samsung model comes with DTS Premium Sound while the audio options include a basic equalizer, a surround sound imitator, and a number of preset audio modes. Overall, the menu offers a fair amount of user control for a lower-end TV, and it's much more attractive than some TV menus out there.

Even though one of the review sources has expressed that the sound quality is flat, most users who have used the TV have upvoted its sound quality. Many users have found that its sound is decent to good and suggest that sound, internet apps and platform stability should be the reason to choose this TV.

2.Vizio M401i-A3

Vizio M401i-A3

The 40 inch Vizio M401i-A3 is an LED LCD TV suggestible for its design, smart features, display quality and mainly the sound. This smart TV is also for those who feel the need for the latest trend of accessing the streaming content. This particular model is even more suggestible since the Samsung UN32F5500 is marked at the same price range having a smaller display.

The SmartTV content including streaming content and apps and, Wi-Fi in addition to Ethernet can be the compelling features to buy and value for the buck. Also the availability of different screen sizes for the model makes it a great seller.

Even though the TV has limited picture adjustments, the accurate preset and the respectable sound quality makes it a worthy choice. The reviews suggest that the sound is pretty good for a TV and should be decent choice if you are wanting a surround effect.

3.Toshiba 39L4300U

Toshiba 39L4300U

Toshiba 39L4300U comes with an acceptable picture quality but offers a top-notch sound quality.
This mid-range TV is reasonably priced when compared to its 39-inch peers and screen shows bright pictures on a 1080p display with the help of its backlighting.

Looks like this Toshiba product too likes offer smart features, its Cloud TV smart platform too brings in streaming content. Although it is mentioned by some of the review sources that the platform is a little sluggish, it shouldn’t affect the overall performance.

The expert reviews of this television point out that the TV has a superb audio quality and its speakers are directly responsible for it. Toshiba’s partnership with a speaker company shows that TV manufacturer is ambitious in offering immersive movie-viewing experience.

Along with all the suggestions taken, it is suggestible to check the sound quality of a TV first hand before bringing it into your living room.

TVScreen SizeDisplay TechnologyReviewGist ScorePrice
Samsung UN32F550032 inchLED LCD81%$480
Vizio M401i-A340 inchLED LCD78%$480
Toshiba 39L4300U32 inchLED LCD73%$450
answered Dec 10, 2013 by Krishna [Expert]

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